It’s not just a job, our international group of geologists are really passionate about Geology. To us, rocks and minerals tell stories that can make or break mining operations but these stories are often overlooked or undervalued by number-happy resource modelers and consultants. OasisMinerals geologists like to ask the ‘why’ question a lot and pay attention to the detail that affects QA-QC while still adhering strictly to budgets and time frames.

OasisMinerals Mining and Mineral Exploration Services were born out of OasisMinerals Consulting, originally established in Estonia in early 2008. OasisMinerals now operates a global group of companies with subsidiaries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Operations offices are located in Estonia and the USA with supporting offices in Mongolia, Zimbabwe, and Mali.

OasisMinerals’s international team has a broad range of geological experience, knowledge, and expertise. We can run projects from early stage exploration through to development, operations, project close-out, and sustainable environmental remediation. OasisMinerals’s team comprises geological consultants, project and logistic managers, data management professionals, contract geologists and savvy technical personnel with experience spanning the mining cycle.

OasisMinerals has established global key alliances with other independent industry professionals allowing us to offer clients an all-round geological consulting and exploration management experience. Technical excellence is at the foundation of everything we do and we aim to exceed all client expectations as we offer full transparency and customized geological services.

No matter what the location, scope or complexity, OasisMinerals provides practical geological solutions that add genuine value to all our clients’ projects. Our business success stems from understanding our client needs and current market trends; caring for our team by ensuring job satisfaction and professional development; and operating with integrity and transparency at all times. In a volatile market, we see these key elements as non-negotiable.

Our experienced personnel offers a wide range of integrated skills to manage projects of any nature, scale or complexity. At OasisMinerals, we are committed to the delivery of international best practice.

We are passionate about making this industry a better place. We also feel strongly about the role of good training and education in the industry and are very happy to help young geologists get underway in the industry by giving advice. Simply send us an email and let us get connected.